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We are continuously striving towards becoming a more sustainable company.

For many years our creative director Ella Doran has been an advocate of the circular economy. You can read more about her and her projects at elladorandesigner

If you buy from us on line, you will know we re-use our packaging.

We strive to use materials that are long lasting and age well.

When you order roller blinds from us, we will take back your old ones to ensure the components can be reused or recycled. 

We re-use all of our end-of-line fabrics and wallpapers for workshops & events, and when possible, we make new products.

If you would like to order any of our wallpaper or fabric offcuts, please email us at


Our aims:

  -   To create products that will last a life time, and to encourage re-designing, and re-using, before resorting to re-cycling

-     To be transparent and clear about the materials we use and what to do at the end of life of the product

-     To minimise the possible effects on human health and the environment arising from the activities of our company

-    To efficiently use energy and any raw materials in order to protect our natural resources

-     We donate to every month to help our carbon footprint. ‘TreeSisters exists to elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level with a focus on women and tropical reforestation’

-     All of our wallpapers that we produce are FSC certified.

-     We promote the circular economy through all of our suppliers ensuring they are doing their best for the re-use of their ‘waste’ materials

-     We encourage you and all our customers and colleagues to 'think' globally and 'act' locally' as much as possible

Links of interest

For any textiles you no longer wish to keep, other than your local charity shop, please visit LMB Textiles Re-cycling or look up your local equivalent service provider

We may on occasion send some fabrics and materials to The Scrap Project in Hackney They are a fantastic creative materials resource for local schools and colleges.

If you want to get a new sofa, check your local FRN network for your furniture to have a second life - remember ‘One mans waste is another mans treasure’ alternatively, consider commissioning Ella Doran to re-design your old heirloom piece.

Watch Ella Doran’s Sheep to Seat - Fleece to Floor - an immersive documentary by Paul Wyatt about her exhibition & the journey of wool from the sheep which graze the historic landscape of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, from shearing to scouring, spinning to weaving and design to product development.