Shadescape: a collaborative research project requests your help!

Hello dear friends, colleagues and customers

Every year 175m tonnes of primary raw material and millions of litres of water are used to produce textiles for the UK. In addition to woods, metals and plastics, shading products are made from textiles, most of which are composed of mixed natural and synthetic fibres, coatings and laminated layers. Consequently only 1% of textiles become new products, while 87% are sent to landfill along with all the other components.

We are working on a project to see if we can address this issue in our own small way, by closing the loop with our whole supply chain and educating our customer through disassembly videos and extended information guides on what to do at 'end of life' with one of our roller/roman or curtain products.

We will run a series of creative workshops over the next 6-month period with the general public (and any of you who might want to participate) to test creative repair and re-use using the returned textiles. We would be so grateful if you could take just 3 mins to click on the link below and answer a few short questions…

We’d also be very grateful if you could forward this on to anyone you may know locally who may also be able to help us.

Access the 3 minute SURVEY HERE 

Thank you in advance.


With best wishes from all of us at Studio Ella Doran.