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As a designer, Ella Doran aims to create functional products. At the same time, a fascination with the artistic process of transformation informs her entire design portfolio of photography based images and patterns. For the designer bespoke projects hold their own exciting aspects of transformation, as a client's wishes and unique circumstances come into play.

The established range of Ella Doran's made-to-measure products includes covering, flooring, murals, canvases, roller blinds and tiles. State-of-the-art digital technologies and communication processes also facilitate the design of new bespoke products.

You either select an image or pattern from Ella Doran's extensive design portfolio and we provide guidance on the most suitable scale and crop for your specific circumstances, or we develop a new design (or product) specifically for you, in close consultation with you.

For more information regarding our bespoke services please contact us,, or call us on 0207 254 4744


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