Olio Interiors Blogpost

Olio are a wonderful Interiors design company based in the greater Adelaide metropolitan area in Australia. They have invited Ella to write a guest Blog post, that we will post when it's complete, in the meantime read their Blogpost about Ella here!

If you want to learn more about them, and their services down under visit their website meanwhile below are their 'living mantra's' which we love and want to share with you.

  • Warm outlasts cool
  • Homes are places of warmth where we connect with our best selves and the people we love.
  • What is cool and trendy fades quickly.
  • What is truly warm and timeless is you and your unique life.
  • Life is colourful
  • Neutral interiors are about real estate not real life.
  • Embrace the colours you love and actively bring them into your home.
  • Colour creates energy and makes us smile.
  • Celebrate positive connections
  • Every object you live with tells a story.
  • Surround yourself with visual connections to your memories and aspirations.
  • Objects important to you will always look great together.
  • Start from where you are.
  • Your life is happening right now.
  • There’s no perfect time.
  • There’s no endless budget.
  • Create the home you love, where you are and with what you have.