Ella Doran and Yodomo workshop in collaboration with Hackney Sustainability Day

Ella Doran and Yodomo workshop in collaboration with Hackney Sustainability Day July 2nd 2023 supported by our Shadescape research with London South Bank University helping close the loop on our waste material and the take back of curtains and blinds from our customers in order to re-use, and or repair.

This was a joyous workshop and demonstrated the power of creativity to activate confidence and learn new skills.

This workshop gave many people the confidence to learn sewing skills to create useful things for their homes, and we ambitiously set a half hour window for participants to make an envelope cushion re-using interior design samples from 'pre-consumer' interior textile waste. (Namely Ella Doran's off cuts and Kvadrats)

The ambition and imagination of those who attended was a delight. And many had never used a sewing machine before.

Ella's personal favourite, was helping empower one of our participants to actually use a sewing machine, after being shamed as a child for her bad sewing work (!) she was, until yesterday, too scared to try it again!
Needless to say her work was impeccable she took her time, and over took her fears, thank you Jackie for joining us! 👊🏽🙌🏽

These public facing workshops are giving people the confidence to:
- try something new
- develop making skills
- learn about the availability of ‘waste’ materials that are easily reused and available at Yodomo's circular hub
- engage in the sustainability and waste agendas of our time
- engage in the circular economy principles of re-use for a new life cycle of the materials
- and create interior products especially with free and low-cost ‘waste’ materials