Design Your Own Tray at Home

We are excited to be able to offer you the chance to create your own tray design at home. 

Ella Doran

How it works:
1. We send you the specialist paper,

2. you draw whatever you want to on it, using felt-tip pens and then you return it to us

3. we get it made into a tray and send it back to you. 

It's a great activity for all ages.  All you need are felt tip pens and your abundant imagination. 

You can read all about the workshops that Ella and her team have run in the past over on her website here.

In your package, you'll receive instructions on the area to cover with your original artwork, 

- 2 x sheets of paper in case you make a mistake 

- the price includes the cost of us shipping the manufactured tray back to you 

if you have any questions get in touch here!

Ella Doran