‘Clean Up Plastic Camo Chair’ revealed at Solid Floor East

Ella Doran and Urban Upholstery join forces to showcase their stunning ‘Clean Up Plastic Camo chair’ viewable at Solid Floor East during Shoreditch Design Triangle 2020, from the 12th September - until the 27th September.

Urban Upholstery and Ella Doran have celebrated the circular economy and material re-use and re-design by giving new life to old furniture for over 10 years.
The project started with an abandoned chair from the streets of Hackney. The chair was de-constructed back to its core frame and re-upholstered during Shoreditch Design Triangle 2018 live at The Old Bank Vault art gallery, alongside a group of school children from Shoreditch Park School.

The textile design was born from a further collaboration between Ella and Sophie Thomas.
The design depicts waste plastic collected by Sophie from beaches around the world. Together they created artful arrangements of these almost jewel-like pieces. Ella photographed them to then create the textile design, the nature of which is only revealed under close inspection.
The fabric tells the negative back-story of plastic pollution with a new message of re-use and hope.

Visit the showroom at Solid Floor during the festival to view the chair in all its splendour.

7a Ezra Street,

London E2 7RH,