Shadescape: Curtain making workshops with Ella Doran and Yodomo

We have run two curtain making workshops with Yodomo at their Textile Reuse Hub @thetrampery, as part of our research with Shadescape and London South Bank University this Summer 2023.

The research is supporting our work to create closed loop systems in interior design for shading products for the home, and Yodomo have been fantastic hosts for this as well as contributing their waste textiles to the project.

In these workshops our participants used an array of waste textiles, and learnt how to line a curtain. Every participant engaged with the project and left having created their own curtain, reusing materials and simultaneously creating a very effective way to reduce energy bills in their homes.

Even though we ran these in the summer, many of the attendees were forward planning and making a draft busting door curtain for the winter months. We also have to thank Jules of the Haines Collection for their curtain liners that were brilliant and immediately used for a second life!
We are interested to hear from housing associations and Student accommodation as to what you do when you change the window dressing for your properties? Can we help you reuse and recycle the materials affectively?

Keeping textile 'waste' materials in use reduces commercial waste and storage costs, supports creative micro-businesses and engages and educates local communities like this in the reuse of materials. 

Photos of Participants include Imwen Eke, Sophie Rochester, Kristina Hertel, Jenny Lewis and Iva.

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