Ella Doran’s Seventh Collection for Tate Celebrates Kids, Colour & Creativity

Designer Ella Doran’s creative collaborations with the Tate family of galleries go right back to the very earliest days of Tate Modern in 2000. Her six successful collections to date include the ‘A is for Artist’ and ‘Colour’ ranges for Tate Modern; dedicated ranges for Tate St Ives and Tate Liverpool and the best-selling ‘Artist Tools’. Now Ella Doran is delighted to announce her ‘lucky seventh’ collection for Tate: a new kids’ range called ‘Paint Pots’.

‘‘Paint Pots’ is all about encouraging kids to get stuck into art and celebrates kids’ love of bright colour and their natural, creative exuberance’

Like much of Ella’s work, the range is based on original photographic set-ups, styled and taken by the designer. ‘Paint Pots’ features a simple and charming, large-scale set-up image, depicting an eclectic mix of glass jars, with each one full of either brightly-coloured paint or coloured water for brush-cleaning, alongside a variety of paint brushes and splodges of paint, displayed on a white background.

The range includes an apron with green ties and an easy-wipe table cloth; a kids-size tote bag with a green handle; a t-shirt, a ‘bambooware’ 100%-biodegradable kids’ lunch set and a fabric pencil case with a bright green zip.

What was fun with the pencil cases was cutting the fabric from different parts of the overall image’, Ella explained, ‘so that there are at least six different designs to choose from.’

Ella Doran

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Ella Doran

Ella Doran