Natural Collection Okra

Okra natural rug description:

The raw fibres are carefully plaited which are then interlaced into a wider flat strip. These strips are then hand sewn together to create the final rug. Each rug has a natural plaited edge along the length and is  finished on the width ends with a natural plaited border.

Okra description:

A native plant to Africa, Okra is now found across the sub-continent and is common in India. Okra plants have red stems, grow rapidly and can be harvested annually. they are primarily cultivated for their fruit, which is used extensively in food preparation. They are also used to make antiseptics, have digestive properties and are commonly used in the base of herbal teas. However the stems also contain strong fibrous strands which give the plant its inherent strenght which are ideal for plaiting into rope.

Okra natural rug details:

- All rugs are made on demand with a typical lead time of 12-14 weeks

- Available in natural, ocean, cinnamon and bleached.


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