Natural Collection Hyacinth

Hyacinth natural rug description:

The raw fibres are carefully plaited which are then interlaced into a wider flat strip. These strips are then hand sewn together to create the final rug. Each rug has a natural plaited edge along the length and is finished on the width ends with a natural plaited border.

Hyacinth description:

Hyacinth is a free-floating perennial aquatic native to tropical climates. Hyacinths have broad thick, glossy ovate leaves, which have long, spongy bulbous stems. These stems prodive a higly durable & flexible fibre. Strings of dried fibres are woven or interlinked together to form a cord. Water Hyacinth plants have many economic uses including bio gas and are ideal for wastewater treatment as they have an ability to tolerate high levels of pollution & grow rapidly.

Hyacinth natural rug details:

- All rugs are made on demand with a typical lead time of 12-14 weeks

- Available in natural, rose, lily and carbon


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